VA Hospital celebrates veterans in annual appreciation luncheon

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - The Oscar G Johnson VA Medical Center credits their volunteers for a lot of the work done for veterans. Those volunteers were celebrated on Friday for all of their hard work this year.

"We're just so blessed to have individuals that have such a great nature and a desire to serve,” Katie Maxon, Chief of VA Voluntary Services, said. “It really, honestly, is a very easy job when it comes down to it because people just want to give and support the veterans that we care for."

Marine Veteran Robert Green is one of those volunteers. He's been helping at the hospital for five years and says he's fulfilling a vow he made overseas years ago.

"A lot of veterans didn't make it back from Vietnam,” Green said. “A lot didn't make it back, but I did. I made a vow that as long as I breathe I would help my fellow veterans, especially in the V.A. hospitals. That's why I came to work at the V.A."

Robert and his wife are just two of the hundreds of volunteers who put in over 30 thousand hours of work this year.

"We do have about 32,000 hours this year alone that our volunteers have given to our system, which does equal out to about 15 full time employees,” Maxon said. “We never like to focus on the hours. It's great and it's a very imperative part of the reporting that we do, but we really love the heart and soul that those volunteers bring to our veterans."

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