Use caution when driving on flooding and icy roads

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - With the warmer temperatures coming in, the Marquette County Emergency Management team is hoping the snow doesn't melt too quickly. However, if this does happen they're already taking action.

They currently have the road commission cutting down the snow banks. They're also checking the local rivers for flood levels.

But the biggest advice they have is for drivers.

"When you see a lot of water in the road, you don't know what's underneath. It could be a lot of potholes,” said Teresa Schwalbach, the Marquette County Emergency Management Coordinator. “You don't know how deep it is so slow down, drive through those water potholes pretty slow that are on the roadways and on the highway so you don't cause an accident or get in an accident yourself."

They also add if there are any road closures due to ice and water, they ask for people not to go around the barricades.

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