Upper Peninsula winery receives two gold medals

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BARK RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) A winery here in Upper Michigan is exceeding all expectations of wine experts.

Northern Sun Winery in Bark River has won two gold medals for their La Crescent white wine. They were told by many experts that the climate in our area would not be able to produce good grapes. A special kind of grape from the University of Minnesota is used that can survive our harsh winters.

Their vineyard is located in a micro climate that makes the growing of grapes easier.

"The U.P. has the capacity to grow good wine," said Dave Anthony, co-owner. "The key is, you've got to have the passion to one: get into the agriculture end of it, and then the passion to keep up with the science of making wine."

They have won other awards as well for multiple red wines.

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