Update on 2019 US41 project plans and funding

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MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - The DNT, Michigan Department of Transportation, and Marquette Township Administration, gave presentations on upcoming construction projects to US41 starting in 2019.

They spoke on the two new roundabouts being built in front of Wal-Mart, and Best Buy, and also gave details on the tunnel being planned to connect the north and south trails under the highway.

According to officials, US-41 project plans are still being finalized. By December 19th, they anticipate having "commitment of intents" from all party's involved.

The information presented December 6th, is an update to what is expected to be built during the 2019 construction season.

"Well tonight it's all about the public and providing information and answering questions and having them have some familiarity with what's to be expected in 2019," Marquette Township Planner and Zoning Administrator Jason McCarthy said.

DOT officials said, that stretch of highway is one of the busiest in the entire U.P., and renovating the road is expected to improve traffic flow while making the roads safer.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, the 6.7 million to build the roundabouts will be split between federal, and state funding, and with Marquette Township. Marquette Township will only be responsible to pay $250,000 for the roundabout lighting.

Officials said funding is already being secured, outside of local tax dollars, for the project.

"There's been a federal transportation alternatives program grant that's been secured for the project and there's just a couple of some local match items that the Township is working on filling out," MDOT Ishpeming TSC manager Robert Tervo said.

While that section of road is being rebuilt, a $2,100,000 tunnel will be built connecting snowmobile and non-motorized trails underneath the highway. The township is being asked to bear 20% of the tunnel construction costs. (Roughly $420,000 dollars).

Part of Marquette Township's responsibility is expected to be paid for by a grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, which comes from oil and gas royalties from natural resources gathered on state land.

Marquette Township officials said they continue to pursue grants to fund the project, in order to lower the financial commitment to tax payers as much as possible.

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