UPHS-Marquette staff welcomes new hospital

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The new UP Health System-Marquette is now taking care of patients, and that care started Sunday morning at the new hospital's main entrance.

Ambulances and buses moved nearly 100 patients from the old hospital to the new facility at 850 W. Baraga Ave. Teams then helped the patients to new rooms.

"Transporters, EMS, safety watchers, nurses, unit coodinators, and they help organize the route to get the patient to the room, get them settled and adjusted to their new spaces," said Alycia Davidson, an ICU registered nurse.

UPHS-Marquette says 400 people were involved in the move Sunday morning, including 60 ambulance crews. It was completed in a little more than four hours - about half as long as expected.

"It's been hectic, but I think the team was well prepared," said Dr. Anup Patel, an anesthesiologist.

Operating room staff was standing by Sunday morning, ready for patients like a normal day.

"But I think it's been pretty good," said Patel. "We did hit a few hurdles, but I think so far it's been pretty amazing."

The first patient to be moved in Sunday morning said she loves the new facility and that the moving process was easy.

She boarded the ambulance with her favorite nurse, who came in early for the transfer. At the new hospital, she was escorted off the ambulance to her private room by hospital executives.

The patient said she has been in the hospital for five days and was surprised when she had to move. However, she said she had a good time.

"It was very fun and it was very coordinated and it all went very well and there was lots and lots of people to help."

The process went so smoothly that she slept through most of it.

The new $330 million facility comes with a much-improved layout, said registered nurse April Van Haecke.

"I think it's great for everybody because it will be easier for other people to get around, because that other hospital, we just kept adding on, and now you just come in and you're directed to where you need to go and I think that's going to be really helpeful for people to just have an easier time," said Van Haecke.

The new eight-story hospital stands out in Marquette, and the staff says the care will, too.

"We've always wanted to be proud of where we work," said x-ray technician Robin Aho. "We just take pride in everything we do, and now we have that template, this beautiful new background, and now the patient care goes along with how it looks here. It's clean, it's fresh."

Patel says the Marquette community should be proud of the new hospital.

"This is a small community, and it's amazing that we have a brand new facility with really good doctors and physicians and nurses and operating room crew," said Patel. "It's just amazing."

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