UPHS-Marquette prepares for inpatient move-in day

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Throughout March, UP Health System-Marquette will take the month to prepare to move inpatients from the old hospital property to the new.

The hospital says they typically have around 120 to 180 inpatients and will try to flex down to about 80 to 100 by move day. To lower their patients, they will not be planning as many elective surgeries.

UPHS has partnered with EMS to move patients on-by-one down the 1.4-mile route. They are working with the city to get roads blocked.

Based on the patient’s condition, the hospital will have around 2 to 5 medical specialists in ambulances to keep patients in good condition until they reach their new room.

The hospital will release the move date by then end of March.

“The move will be on a Sunday. It will be a huge operation, a ton of work has gone into that. Again our top priority right now is to get the staff comfortable come move day that it’s a safe and seamless transition,” said Victor Harrington, UPHS Regional Marketing Director.

The hospital intends to move all patients in one day. When all patients are moved, UPHS will start shutting down existing services at the old hospital.

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