UPHS-Marquette and Veridea Group detail plans for old hospital campus

Published: Dec. 10, 2018 at 9:17 PM EST
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UPHS-Marquette and the Veridea Group each gave a quick update on their pending sale and future plans at Monday night's Marquette City Commission meeting.

"This will probably be the largest private sector led community development in the history of the U.P.," said Robert Mahaney, president of the Veridea Group.

At the meeting the Veridea Group laid out their plan for the old UPHS-Marquette campus. They say at this point, they are still in the preliminary stages. Those plans start with the demolition of most of the campus.

"Roughly 500,000 square feet of existing space needs to be demolished before we can start any construction or adding any value in this area," said Mahaney.

They say the Nelberg Building, the parking structure, the E.R., and the Bridge building would probably be the only ones not demolished, but they would all need to be heavily renovated. The plan is to make commercial spaces like offices and health clinics in the Nelberg Building, and residential properties on the southern section of the property.

"So what that does then is creates a nice natural transition and buffer for the folks on the south side of the campus as they head north and get towards the commercial spaces," said Mahaney.

Of course, no action can be taken until the deal is closed, which they anticipate will be sometime in June or July of 2019. The hospital needs to be completely moved before any construction starts.

"We are looking at moving in towards the middle of April,” said UPHS-Marquette CEO Brian Sinotte. “We do allow a little bit of latitude there. We will be conducting some tests of all the different equipment and systems that need to be running."

Hospital staff is patiently waiting for the spring move, currently undergoing virtual training in anticipation for the new facility.

"We've got a number of departments already that are basically done and ready to go,” said Sinotte. “They look great."

Both sides say they hope that this project will be beneficial for all of Marquette, especially the surrounding neighborhoods. The Veridea Group plans on finalizing their master plan for the property in the spring.