UP200 bib draw sets the stage for another great run

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Thursday night was the annual bib draw for the UP200 and Midnight Run. Mushers enjoyed a meal and then learned the starting order for Friday night's races.

This year the bib draw started with the Midnight Run and they drew in reverse order. Kiana Beaber from Wisconsin and Steven Beauprey of Watton Michigan as they take their bibs for the Midnight Run.

First out of the chute for the UP200 will be Joshua McNeal of Kasilof Alaska. There are 18 mushers this year for the UP200 and 20 for the Midnight Run. This will be the 31st running of the UP200. The race begins Friday night at 7 p.m. on Washington Street in Marquette. The full list of mushers for both races is posted below.

1.) Joshua McNeal from Kasilof, Alaska
2.) Ryan Redington from Skagway, Alaska
3.) Kevin Vandenbussche from Moosonee, Ontario, Canada
4.) Laura Neese from McMillan, Michigan
5.) Mathew Schmidt from Grand Marais, Minnesota
6.) Andre Longchamps from Pont-Rouge, Quebec, Canada
7.) Trisan Longchamps from Pont-Rouge, Quebec, Canada
8.) Jaye Foucher from Mohawk, Michigan
9.) Erin Redington from Skagway, Alaska
10.) Katherine Langlais from Glenwood, New Brunswick
12.) Brian Kandler from Mason, Michigan
13.) Nathan Schroeder from Goodland, Minnesota
14.) Jennifer Freking from Finland, Minnesota
15.) Denis Tremblay from St. Michel des Saints, Quebec, Canada
16.) Ryan Anderson from Cushing, Wisconsin
17.) Blake Freking from Finland Minnesota
18.) Martin Massicotte from St.-Tite, Quebec, Canada
19.) Carl Routhier from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada

Midnight Run
101.) Talia Martens from Brule, Wisconsin
102.) Joann Fortier from Gaylord, Michigan
103.) Larry Fortier from Gaylord, Michigan
104.) Frank Moe from Hovland, Minnesota
105.) Michael Bestgen from St. Cloud Minnesota
106.) Shane Blumentritt from Soldotna, Alaska
107.) Michelle Redstone from Warren, Ontario, Canada
108.) Justin High from Mohawk, Michigan
109.) Lynn Witte from Luther, Michigan
110.) Michael Betz from Excelsior, Minnesota
112.) Tom Bauer from Tapiola, Michigan
113.) Kelsey Beaber from Mountain, Wisconsin
114.) Kady Gehrke from Alpena, Michigan
115.) Joe Gutowski from Goodrich, Michigan
116.) Chad Grentz from Nisula, Michigan
117.) Christian Stevens from Alpena, Michigan
118.) Steven Beauprey from Watton, Michigan
119.) Kiana Beaber from Mountain, Wisconsin
120.) Brian Bergen from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada

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