UP schools receive grants from MSP to improve security

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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - At a time where school intruders aren't uncommon, some U.P. schools are doing their part to keep their students safe.

The Michigan State Police are helping make that happen with school safety grants. They provided schools in Dickinson and Iron Counties with more than $470,000.

"It's a great resource to do the things that we want to do to make sure that our buildings are as secure as they could be,” Craig Allen, Breitung Township Schools Superintendent, said. “We can start projects here coming up in the very near future."

"Unfortunately, if you're watching the news lately, there are too many times where our children are being at risk for people coming into our buildings,” DIISD Superintendent Wendy Warmuth said. “Many times it's the places that you least expect and where you feel safe. We want to make sure our students are safe."

Parts of the grant will go towards securing the front entrance of the schools. Dickinson Iron ISD says taking this precaution will help their students, especially with at their Willis Center that hosts their special education program.

"Allowing these students to have additional time by securing the building could be life or death for many of them if we were even in an unfortunate situation,” Warmuth continued.

Another security measure allowed with the grant is updated lock systems. They can also invest in window tint film and door blocks that prevent it from being opened. The grant, however, will not be going towards the school's liaison officer salaries.

"Our plans are to secure our buildings within Dickinson and Iron Counties. Also we did get money that would help on the interior of our buildings,” Warmuth said. “What we're looking to do is protect our students."

These security projects can start right away and are expected to be done by September next year.

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