UP residents are reminded to shovel a path for mail, utilities

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - This latest snowstorm brought widespread heavy snow to a large portions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Much of Marquette County saw the highest snowfall totals, in excess of 25 inches in spots according to weather-watchers.

Negaunee resident, William Tull knows full well you can make quick work of two feet of snow with a snow blower. However, Tull and his son, Billy, prefer to clear the snow the old fashioned way.

"Oh, you’ve got to keep in shape somehow. You don't need snow blowers. You’ve got to exercise one way or the other," reasoned Tull.

The Tulls don't mind putting their backs into it. They're also not quite sick of winter just yet; just wondering where they're going to put it all.

"Oh I love it though. I wouldn't change it. Beautiful country," Tull exclaimed.

Meanwhile Marquette only picked up 16 inches. That's still a snow-lovers delight according to Marquette City Public Works employee, Dave Blackburn.

"I'm out here just about every day," Blackburn reckoned.

Blackburn reads water meters for the city of Marquette. He shares a common sentiment here in big snow country.

"I just love the snow. I like the winters and I like the cold. So, I'm going to enjoy it," Blackburn confessed.

By the way, while you've got the shovel handy, remember to clear a path for your mail carrier and utility workers.

"I know we've got a lot of snow and people are behind on their snow removal, but it would be nice if they could get the meters open so we can get to them," Blackburn asserted.

Utility workers and mail carriers spend a lot of time outside and trudging through three feet of snow can get old, even for people like Blackburn.

It's also recommended that if there's a fire hydrant on or adjacent to your property, be a good citizen and clear a path in case of emergency.

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