U.P. hosts first annual Beekeeping Conference

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Upper Peninsula hosted its first annual Beekeeping Conference on Saturday, March 31.

The event was open to anyone interested in beekeeping, and speakers, attendees and vendors gathered at the Seaborg Center on Nothern Michigan University's campus.

The conference featured break-out sessions for beginner and intermediate beekeepers.

About 200 people were registered for the event and conference organizers hopes it helps foster a true love for the art of beekeeping.

"What we want to do wtih these conferences is make sure that people are really able to embrace beekeeping and do it well and have fun and not lose their bees repeatedly and that they have the support that they need to manage disease, to manage nutrition issues and things like that," said Meghan Milbrath, one of the conference's speakers.

Beekeeping conferences are held almost every weekend of the year across the nation and the state of Michigan has between 70 and 100 registered beekeeping businesses.

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