U.P. Land Conservancy weighs in on businesses going green

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Across the nation and even here locally we're seeing many businesses reduce their use of plastic. The Vierling and Stucko's in Marquette recently announced their plans to go green.

Measures including eliminating straws for every drink are just the start for most businesses eyeing their environmental impact. Locally the U.P. Land Conservancy says straws don't have the largest impact environmentally, but it's a symbol.

"Straws have kind of become a symbol of plastic pollution and the way that it effects our lives, we use so many things every day that we use them once, we throw them away and we don't see them again, it's out of sight out of mind," said Andrea Denham, Assistant Director for the U.P. Land Covservancy. "I think it's a symbol of a much larger problem."

Nationally companies like Starbucks have also announced plans to get rid of plastic straws.