UP Children's Museum loses half of bee colony

Published: Jun. 7, 2017 at 6:19 PM EDT
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The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum holds a bee colony every year. Last week, nearly half of the 10,000 member bee colony was found dead overnight.

The museum contacted a local bee keeper to figure out why this happened and how to solve the problem. After investigating the hive, the bee specialist concluded they died suddenly because of a local pesticide being sprayed.

“They lost so many bees that they couldn't keep their babies warm, their brood. You have to keep them warm, and they lost the bees,” Beekeeper Joel Lantz said. “Usually they go over the top of them and cover them. They couldn't do it. There's a lot of dead brood in the hive.”

Limiting the use of dangerous pesticides are advised for the health of bees and the overall ecosystem.

Lantz is taking care of the bees and building up their hive again. He hopes to have the hive back to normal in a few weeks.

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