Two state champion trap shooters are headed to national competition

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Two state champions in the sport of trap shooting will be heading to a national competition this weekend.

Justin Cobb and his sister Jillian, of Escanaba, have both been shooting trap for years.

Justin has gone to state and national competitions before but this is his sister's first year competing at either level.

Both of them began shooting at an early age and have grown up around the sport.

Their father says it seems to come naturally for both of them.

Despite his dad's confidence, Justin says it is still challenging.

"It looks really easy and I've told myself it looks easy but you come out here and even on a dead calm day it can still kick your butt. I just like the challenge."

The pair will be competing in the National Championships in Sparta, Illinois this weekend.