Trumps 2020 budget includes Soo Lock funding, but cuts Great Lakes Restoration by 90 percent

WASHINGTON D.C. (WLUC) - President Donald Trump's recently released 2020 budget includes $75.3 dollars for continued construction of the new Poe-sized Soo Lock.

In the fall, The Great Lakes Task Force originally asked for $92 million, but Congressman Jack Bergman, says getting this $75 million is a strong commitment.

"The president understood after we talked to him the importance of what the Soo Lock project meant for Michigan, but the U.P. and the country," said Congressman Jack Bergman (R-MI).

On the flip side, President Trump's budget calls for spending $30 million on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Although that may seem like a lot, this a 90 percent cut from the $300 million the program normally receives.

"This is funding that is absolutely critical to make sure that the Great Lakes continue to be vibrant and clean not only today, but for future generations," said U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-MI).

This is not the first time Trump has tried to cut funding, but the third.

The initiative was started nine years ago to remove toxic pollution, fight invasive species and deal with other environmental problems the eight surrounding states sees.

Michigan leaders on both sides of the aisle are determined to fight this proposed budget.

"We have been able to override it now two times. There's been strong bipartisan support from around the country. We are going to build that coalition again. I am going to work tirelessly to make sure that this money is restored," explained Peters.

The president proposed a record $4.7 trillion dollar budget which pushes the federal deficit past $1 trillion.

"Washington has a spending problem and it endangers the future prosperity of our nation for generations to come. The budget contains nearly $ 2.7 trillion in savings, the most spending reductions proposed than any administration in history this budget will balance in 15 years," said Russell Vought, the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

The president's budget for the next fiscal year also focuses on spending cuts and pushing more money towards his long-promised wall, improving care of veterans and combating opioid abuse.

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