TruNorth sponsors Marquette County schools for use of financial literacy program

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Schools across Marquette County now have the tools to better teach their students how to improve their financial literacy.

TruNorth Federal Credit Union recently became the sponsor for 29 different schools in Marquette County, giving them access to a financial literacy program called Banzai.

"You go onto pages and it says you received your paycheck, it's in this amount of this much,” said MSHS teacher Kelly Simon. “What bill do you pay first? What do you do with this paycheck? So, it's pretty neat. If they pick groceries it goes off on another line, but if they go out to the movies it goes on a different tangent. So it's pretty interesting to see that."

While teaching students in a fun way, it also helps them to understand the importance of budgeting and paying your bills.

"Everyone needs to be exposed to this,” said Simon. “Taxes, bills, bank accounts, it goes over loans as well."

Schools sponsored can now log into the program free of charge. TruNorth made the decision sponsor schools in Marquette County so they will be better prepared for life after graduation.

"We just realize that kids don't always get this taught to them in school, it's not really high in the curriculum, and it is important for them to learn how to be financially responsible," said Maria Denofre, an account specialist at TruNorth Federal Credit Union.

TruNorth also offers special accounts to kids 18 and under that incentivizes them for saving and budgeting.

"They get prizes for every $5 they deposit into their account,” said Denofre. “They build up punches on a punch card and redeem them for prizes."

To learn more about Banzai, you can visit their website.

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