Trillium House offers short term respite care to non-hospice patients

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 4:07 PM EST
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The Trillium House in Marquette is hoping to help caregivers, with one of their signature programs, short term respite care.

Residential hospice care is not for every family, with many electing to care for their loved ones at home, but that commitment can burn you out.

"We are giving the caregivers a respite," said Aaron Scholnik, president of the Trillium House Board.

With short term respite care, the Trillium House is able to care for your loved one while you are away, or if you just need a break.

"If they're just exhausted and need to tend to themselves for a few days to a week, go on vacation or whatever,” said Scholnik. “We will be the patient's family and caregivers until their actual family returns."

Those services are even available to non-hospice patients, like someone who just had surgery, or someone who may need a bit of help.

"Any type of disease that doesn't require hospitalization, but requires attention from caregivers," said Scholnik.

The Trillium House began offering short term respite care for non-hospice patients back in August after numerous requests from the community. The response has been great so far.

"When your family, who are your caregivers come back from wherever it is, you can go back there, so it's sort of a seamless transition,” said Scholnik. “You can come and go and come back again."

Short term respite care at the Trillium House can last from three to seven days and costs $175 a day. To learn more or to register, stop in at the Trillium House during regular business hours or call 906-264-5026.

The Trillium House is located at 1144 Northland Dr., Marquette, MI 49855.

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