Trevor Ohlsen, Kevin Chown visit Camp Harstad for end of year celebration

Published: Aug. 15, 2019 at 6:17 PM EDT
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From the crowd's reaction earlier Thursday afternoon at Camp Harstad, it's clear Trevor Ohlsen and Kevin Chown are pretty popular. But what exactly brings the two local celebrities to the special needs camp?

"We were asked and it just seemed like something really fun to do,” said Musician, Trevor Ohlsen.

From their performance, Ohlsen and Chown hope to put a smile on everyone's faces and give some peace to this first-year camper.

"It calms me down more than usual, and I kind of like the special things we do here because it's a lot of fun,” said Camp Harstad camper, Henry Guenette.

This isn’t the first time the group is meeting Kevin Chown. Throughout the summer, they would walk on the beach and run into the musician.

"I thank my mom and dad for giving me this opportunity to come,” said Guenette.

If Guenette didn’t have the privilege, he says he wouldn’t have been able to meet new people and listen to these two musicians who Guenette says he and his two brothers wouldn't have met if they stayed at home.

"I'm hoping that this is going to be a great memory for them,” Camp Harstad Director, Kim Pepin.

The two musicians are hoping for the same as well.

"It's an opportunity you don't get everywhere,” said Ohlsen.

By coming here Thursday, the musicians hope the money they raised will help the camp to continue its mission, and hopefully, inspire a new generation of music artists.

"I'm a musician that's from Escanaba, and I live out in Ford River and I've been very well aware of the work Camp Harstad has done my entire life because I've lived on the beach, and I started working with Trevor Ohlsen recently, and they always do a closing picnic for the kids here and I support the work here and I wanted to give the kids an excellent send-off to the end of the season,” said Musician, Kevin Chown.

Guenette thanks his parents again for allowing him and his two brothers to attend camp Harstad and add new and exciting memories to share with others.

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