Trailhead Holistic Health Collective offers a more natural approach to healthcare

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Whether you're looking to recover after an illness or surgery, relieve your pain, or access your body's own healing abilities, there is someone who can help you at the Trailhead Holistic Health Collective.

“It's a huge benefit for the patient,” said registered acupuncturist Carolyn Provencher. “So it just made sense to bring it all together into one space where we really could have that type of relationship."

Provencher is an acupuncturist who focuses on emotional health and chronic illness.

"I work a lot with anxiety, depression, and a lot of autoimmune diseases,” said Provencher. “Really helping people to work through those struggles.”

Marc Weinrick also does acupuncture, but his focus is on musculoskeletal pain and orthopedic disorders.

"90% of the people that I see, I’m working with soft tissue dysfunction," said Weinrick.

During acupuncture, the tiny needles that are placed in the body are placed in certain muscle points where they will encourage the body to work towards healing itself.

"It releases chemicals in the body and acts as almost a secondary communication system to the nervous system and allows the body to start communicating with itself in a different way,” said Provencher. “So it's really about helping the body heal itself and activating the healing sources in the body."

Dharmini Robertson works with Ayurvedic medicines, yoga therapy, and meditation.

"Meditation is one of the most amazing ways to help the nervous system actually let go of any stress or struggle," said Robertson.

Ayurvedic medicine traces its roots back to ancient India. The practice involves the use of herbal compounds, special diets, and different practices, like yoga.

"This is a type of medicine we don't usually see in western medicine,” said Robertson. “So I felt like it really filled a gap."

All three practitioners believe in a balanced approach that mixes their practices with that of western medicine where needed.

To learn more, or to find out how you can schedule an appointment, visit their website.

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