Traffic control turns nearly deadly for Hubbell firefighters

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HUBBELL, Mich. (WLUC) - Traffic control during heavy rains this week nearly turned deadly for two Hubbell firefighters.

Firefighters, trucks and cones were stationed along M-26 where water washed over the road. Their job was to direct and slow traffic to protect drivers who might not see the danger. Firefighters say while some drivers slowed down when they saw the lights, others hydroplaned or hit cones placed in the road. One driver nearly hit two firefighters.

"We were out slowing traffic down. We had water over the road. Apparently she said she wasn't paying attention. She came within inches of taking me out. We had the lights flashing. People, you've got to slow down when you see the lights flashing. It makes our job a little easier and the life you save may be mine," said Hubbell Fire Department second assistant Jeff St. Peter.

Drivers are reminded they are legally required to slow for emergency response traffic control.

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