Tourists continuing to travel to Dominican Republic

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - According to officials, a man in New York died Monday, after vacationing in the Dominican Republic. His death makes him the tenth American tourist to die during, or shortly after, their stay in the country.

With the numbers of American tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic, some people are becoming wary about vacationing to Caribbean nation.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic said the deaths in the country are not a mystery, blaming the press for the increasing pressures on Dominican authorities to deal with the fears of travelers.

Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García, said "Never in 55 years has there been a debate in the media about tourists from any nationality dying in a country."

Even with the deaths, the Department of State has not increased the travel advisory, still ranking it at 2, a status it shares with such countries as France and Italy.

"You need to be careful wherever you're at,” said Owner of Holiday Travel Vacations, Laura Chapman. “You need to be aware of your surroundings. Don't go out at night walking around, I mean you wouldn't probably do it in Detroit, don't do it in the Dominican or Jamaica. We just need to be safe and think about things before you do them."

Even though some are canceling their trips to the Dominican Republic, Chapman says her clients are not concerned.

"People do have heart attacks and unfortunately that can happen on vacation. I would be very interested in seeing the results of the toxicology tests they are taking because none of those are out yet,” continued Chapman. “This happened with Mexico last year-something very similar. No place is 100 percent safe."

Chapman says that if you are worried about vacationing to the Dominican Republic, then don't go.

She also reminded weary travelers that things like trip insurance can help with cancellation costs when planning your getaway destination.

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