Touminen bound over for Circuit Court facing murder

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Forsyth Township man facing a murder charge has been bound over to circuit court. He's accused of killing his four-month-old child.

32-year-old Randy James Tuominen was in Marquette County District Court for a preliminary hearing. Judge Kangas found probable cause in the case and it was bound over.

The Marquette County Prosecutor's Office has one charge of homicide and two charges of first-degree child abuse against Tuominen. All are punishable by up to life in prison.

Investigators say emergency personnel found the four-month-old infant unresponsive in late September. Monday in court, Tuominen's attorney says the defendant accidentally fell on top of his infant son causing the trauma. A medical expert, who performed the autopsy, suggested a different cause.

"The injury is most consistent with the child's head being slammed against a flat but hard surface, and I say that because when we looked beneath the scalp in the back of the head, which is where I think the impact was, there is abundant hemorrhage and furthermore, beneath that hemorrhage there is a branching or complex skull fracture," said Dr. Stephen Cohle, who testified as a Medical Expert Witness.

Tuominen returned to custody after Monday's ruling. He'll be back in court December 14.