Tiger Woods' win inspires local golfers to overcome challenges

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Cheers echoed across the green as 43-year-old Tiger Woods won his first major championship in 11 years.

This is Woods' 15th career major and first Masters win since 2005. Since then, Woods has faced personal problems both on and off the course, including back surgeries that derailed his career.

Woods' determination and comeback for his Masters win has Northern Michigan University's Assistant Golf Coach proudly wearing Tiger's red on Monday.

"I can put my foot down and say that I have had his back since day one," said Coach Alex Palmer. "I have been a Tiger fan my whole entire life and everyone makes mistakes and he made some pretty big ones, but his ability to bounce back and the way that he did it is just awesome."

Palmer says he will use Woods' road to redemption as inspiration in his coaching.

"I want to show the players that you need to have the ability to grind it out through the good days and bad days and come out on top."

Lately NMU's had some bad days of their own due to the weather.

There is still snow on the ground, but that’s not stopping both of NMU's golf teams from for preparing for this season and they are using Woods' win as motivation.

"We practice in the simulator, we do a lot of fitness just making sure we stay loose and ready for golf even though we don’t get to practice on the grass like the other teams in our division," said Freshman Abbie Claire Boozer.

The women's golf team captured third in last weekend's Cav Classic and celebrated Tiger's win together.

"It definitely gave us a little excitement for the rest of our season to stay focus and do what we need to do as a team and finish where you want to finish and gave us motivation to play well to play hard even if you don't have access to everything," said Boozer.

The Wildcats will turn their motivation into action in this weekend’s GLIAC Championship.

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