Tickets still available for Pigs-N-Heat charity game

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It's the 36th annual charity hockey blowout between Marquette County firefighters and Marquette area police departments, and the Heat is coming back to reclaim their title.

"The game is real spirited, it's a lot of fun. But, you can't put a lot of guys out on the ice and expect somebody doesn't want to win. So, it's competitive, for sure. Last year the Heat won. Overall, the Heat still has more games on their side,” said Pigs-N-Heat Organization President, Brian Olson.

The game serves as a fundraiser to benefit those displaced by fire.

"What we do is we put them up for up to three nights in a motel and then we give them some start up cash until their insurance kicks in or just to help them get their feet back under them,” Jeff Haile, Marquette City Fire Department Lieutenant explained.

When asked about the rivalry, eight-year game veteran, K9 Officer, John Waldo, kept it cool and only had this to say:
"Obviously we all want to win and take the trophy home with us, but it's more about charity and raising money for the Pigs-N-Heat fire relief fund."

The game begins at 6:45 Wednesday night with an award ceremony to honor the police officer and firefighter of the year. Tickets cost $1 and the event welcomes the whole family.

"It's a highly competitive game, it's good hockey, there’s some quality hockey players out there on the ice. But there are also some different level of hockey players on the ice. But there are some players out there with some talent. So, it's just fun to watch,” said Officer Waldo.

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