Bessemer city council approves 3-lane option for US-2

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BESSEMER, Mich. (WLUC) - After months of debate and consideration, the main highway through Bessemer will soon have one fewer lane.

Monday night, the Bessemer City Council voted to convert US-2 from four lanes to three during an upcoming road project.

The work is expected to begin in 2021, according to Bessemer City Manager Charly Loper. Loper says they expect the construction to last one to two years.

Three lanes will allow more room for truckers and give more protection to pedestrians.

Loper says the three lanes will be 12 feet wide.

Michigan Department of Transportation officials and the City of Bessemer have been long-awaiting this decision.

At a previous meeting, Adam Zak, Mayor of the City of Bessemer said, "Safety is number one. We have a school, we live less than a block from that school and we have to look to the safety of those kids," said a supporter of the three-lane option. "That's it. Period."

The city’s water and sewer system will also be replaced at the same time as the lane project. The pipes running under US-2 are more than 80 years old.

The city council also voted to not allow recreational marijuana sales within the city at Monday night’s meeting.

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