Third grade students plant native seeds along Lake Superior shoreline

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HARVEY, Mich. (WLUC) - A group of 26 third graders did their part in helping the natural habitat along Lake Superior.

Cherry Creek Elementary school was invited to take part in planting native pollinator plant seeds for migrating birds and butterflies. This two year project is put on by the Superior Watershed Partnership and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal program funding. The plots are beside the Iron Ore Heritage trail starting behind the Michigan Welcome Center and heading north towards the Carp River.

A few third graders described to TV6 exactly why they were doing this.

"To help the earth grow plants for bees and butterflies to collect pollen" said Kiersten Swanson, third grader at Cherry Creek Elementary school.

"We are doing it so when the birds, and butterflies migrate; and moths, and all sorts of stuff, they won't die on their big journey" said Oliver Kudej, third grader at Cherry Creek Elementary school.

Some of the seeds planted include Black-eyed Susan and beachgrass. There are a couple more planting events scheduled this fall and the project will continue into the following year.

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