"Think like an engineer" encourages Girl Scouts to enter into the STEM field

Published: Nov. 16, 2019 at 6:12 PM EST
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These Girl Scouts say they had no idea what they would be getting their hands into on Saturday, but they quickly learned from team leaders it would be worth their while.

"We have a bunch of different electrical engineering type activities for the Girl Scouts to explore,” said Event Coordinator, Zoe Wahr.

Saturday’s lesson focused on soldering, which is taking a piece of metal and melting it to create a weld.

"We also have some activities for the younger kids that are a little bit easier to do as far as making robot fingers out of yarn,” explained Wahr.

While the purpose of Saturday's event was to provide the girls with a fun, educational experience, it also was hosted to inspire them as well.

"It's for them to see that there are women in engineering. It's always important for us to have really good role models for them,” said Wahr.

This way the Girl Scouts will have someone to look up to in their life.

"There aren't a lot of girls who do engineering, so it's nice to have a program or stuff to do with engineering, and it helps us think what if we want to be engineers too,” said Senior Girl Scout in Houghton, Amelia Sander.

Wahr says Saturday’s "Think like an Engineer" was a new step for the Society for Women and Engineering's chapter.

"We structured it entirely different than we had before. These girls are doing two different activities. They're staying in their same room. We're not rotating through... we set up registration differently, we teamed up with girls scouts and did more hands on with that process,” said Wahr.

Next year, she says they will build onto the activities they did today to hopefully inspire more girls to get interested in the field.