The best time of the day to buy shoes to avoid foot problems

Published: Mar. 15, 2017 at 7:02 PM EDT
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It's recommended that you wear wool socks while trying on shoes in the winter to avoid foot problems in the future.

Podiatrist Dr. David Wood at Aspirus Hospital in Ironwood says that wearing thicker socks can help you avoid a tighter fitting shoe.

He says that can decrease blood circulation in your feet, creating athlete's foot and contractions in your toes.

To avoid these issues, Dr. wood shares advice on when is the best time to purchase shoes.

"The best time to buy shoes is always in the evening because everyone's feet swell up a little bit during the course of the day," Wood mentioned. "It might make a difference in half a size, but that can make a difference in comfort or not comfort. So that's why you want to buy them in the evening after dinner like 5, 6 p.m or so."

Dr. Wood also says foot exercises can help increase the blood circulation in your feet.

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