Upper Peninsula can look forward to good honey crop for 2018

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - The Upper Peninsula can look forward to a good honey crop for 2018.

The season was slightly delayed after April's snowfall but with a warm July, honey production has been able to catch up.

Many beekeepers in Marquette County say they are expecting a larger harvest than normal, and with that, the 2018 season will be much better than the past two seasons.

Upper Michigan beekeepers say protecting those honey bees is more important now than ever.

"Bees are one part of a lot of pollinators in this country from butterflies to other species of bees but extremely important because one-third of the country eats because of bees," said Joel Lantz, a beekeeper in Marquette County. "Bees pollinate crops and without the crops we have no food."

The Upper Peninsula's winters make for a short honey season. Mites are also a huge factor in whether or not honey bees will have a successful summer season.

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