38th District Senate race promises to be close

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - With the election just days away, the two major party candidates for the 38th State Senate District seat are hard at work connecting with U.P. voters.

Demcocratic candidate Scott Dianda held a rally in Marquette Friday morning regarding the dark store issue while Republican candidate Ed McBroom stopped by that same rally before heading to a whistle stop rally in Escanaba for gubernatorial candidate, Bill Schuette.

Both candidates say they will be busy reaching out to voters through election day.

Dianda spoke with TV6 at the Marquette rally about how he has been spending the last few days before election night.

"I'm spending my time just out on the doors talking to people's issues and their issues are issues that are very important to me and all of my friends and family."

McBroom spoke to TV6 about why he is running.

"It's just a great experience to get to know people and to continue to hear the passion people have for living here. For being able to stay here and raise their families here. That's why I ran."

On paper, these two candidates are a fairly evenly matched and both look to their records as State Representatives to support their run for the Senate seat. But, in the end, they both cite their caring for the people of the U.P. among their major strengths.

Dianda echoed what has become a battle cry for him though out the campaign.

"We gotta have people that are worried about the roofs on the houses, the tires on the cars and putting bread and butter on the table and educating our kids. That's what it comes down to. That's the message that I'm out talking to people with and we're just trying to work hard to win the election."

McBroom spoke of his previous work as a State Representative.

"I'm very proud of a lot of the work that I did for the U.P. It's about what's best for this area, for the people I represent and what's best for the state of Michigan as a whole. I believe you can see from that record, somebody who is a passionate and thoughtful advocate and also somebody who knows how to build teams, bringing people together get things done."

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Stay with TV6 & FOX UP, Upper Michigan's Election Source, for the latest coverage.

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