K.I. Sawyer Community Center to close in 12 days

Published: Sep. 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM EDT
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The K.I. Sawyer Community Center will officially close by the end of this month.

"Right now we are averaging about 20 people a night so on the one hand that’s pretty small usage for the cost, but on the other hand that’s 20 kids that don’t have a place to go," said Joe Boogren, the Forsyth Township Supervisor.

A hard pill to swallow.

"That’s not lost on us."

In just 12 days, the public will say goodbye to the K.I. Sawyer Community Center, a decision that was made after a Forsyth Township Board vote back in March.

"It’s a huge building and there’s cost beyond simply the heating and utility bills, which are not exorbitant, but maintaining cleanliness for public use, in a building that size, has a lot of implications," said Boogren.

Boogren said the building has been funded for past six months.

In this time he has looked for other options for the future of the center with Sawyer Operations Authority chairperson, Bill Nordeen.

"Bill Nordeen and I have met with the Salvation Army and had a very nice conversation with them. They have some interest but have not confirmed anything as of this point," explained Boogren. "I’ve spoken to the YMCA , the YMCA does already support the center from the food perspective."

According to Boogren, a faith based organization is also considering taking the building.

"We are open to any legal partnership we can achieve on this."

But as the K.I. Sawyer Community Center will close on September 30, it won’t be in the traditional sense.

"We will keep adequate oversight of the HVAC and maintain a temperature that doesn’t cause any deficiencies to the building," said Boogren. "I personally remain hopeful we can open this facility at some point."

Although the center will close by the end of the month, the community center in Gwinn will remain open.

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