Iron Mountain Homeschool Partnership Curriculum Fair offers educational resources

Parents learn what IMHP has to offer.
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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Iron Mountain parents and students were able to receive hands on tools for the upcoming school year at the Homeschool Partnership Curriculum Fair Wednesday.

The fair offered tutor resources and learning techniques. The IMHP has many elective courses to help enhance student's educational experience.

The Partnership Coordinator Diana Scott, said the IMHP offers a lot to the community.

“The Iron Mountain Homeschool Partnership serves anywhere from one elective that you would take as a shared-time student, to three electives you would take as a shared-time student, to core virtual which is a program we run where our students can take all of their core classes and have a teacher record linked up with them but still choose to school from home."

The IMHP was developed and designed to provide tuition-free academics and extra-curricular options to the community.

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