The Calumet Theatre looks to attract a larger audience

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CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - The historic Calumet Theatre was built at the beginning of the twentieth century, and has been continuously open since its original debut. Built as an opera house the theatre originally hosted some of the largest names of the early 1900's.

"This actual auditorium was built in 1900 and hosted the biggest A-List entertainers of its time, people like Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Lon Chaney, Sr., and Sarah Burnhardt all preformed here during the theatre's heyday," said Marlin Lee, the Executive Director of the theatre.

Over the course of the century however, the theatre saw a decline in popularity primarily due to economic struggles in the community and the rise in popularity of movies. Lee is trying to get the theater back to its former glory by bringing bigger names to the Copper Country.

"We're bringing in more A-list artists. We have five Grammy winning or Grammy nominated artists on our schedule this year, ranging anywhere from Americana and Country, to Bluegrass, Blues and Rock," added Lee

In addition to revitalizing the theatre, Lee is hoping it can help promote the Copper Country to a national audience.

"We want to get the theatre on a bigger stage, and in the process the entire area on a bigger stage, so that folks around the country do know what we have to offer here," added Lee

Lee is also looking to make the theatre a place that the community can take pride in.

"I tell folks, it’s not my theatre, it’s not my staff’s theatre, and it’s not the board of director’s theatre. It's your theatre, it’s the regions theatre, and it’s calumet's theatre," said Lee.

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