The 10th Annual Sisu Ski Fest returns to Ironwood

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IRONWOOD, Mich. (WLUC) - The races were on at the 10th annual Sisu Ski Fest in Ironwood. The event celebrates the beauty of winter in the Upper Peninsula and athleticism through different winter activities such as skiing and fat bike racing.

"We are a cross country ski destination. We have right here at ABR Ski Trails some of the best trails and grooming in the entire Midwest, so that's just a part of Ironwood's identity and this area,” said Race Director, Jackie Powers.

“The racers get their first race of the season and they get great hometown hospitality, and the hometown gets this great festive atmosphere."

Now, the Sisu Ski Fest now has become a staple event for the community.

"It brings everybody together,” said Powers. “We have over 200 volunteers that help put on the race. We have so many locals that do the race. It's now become after 10 years part of Ironwood's identity.”

"This is a great event,” said Tammy Lancioni, one of the participants in the fest.

“Jackie does a wonderful job. I love being a part of the atmosphere, the hills are gorgeous. Angela and Eric do a great job with the ABR Ski Trails. It's just a fun event in Ironwood.”

"The Sisu is just great for the community,” said Chief of Start, Dan Finco.

“We love the people, we love participating volunteering and it’s just a great thing for our community."

Aside from the outdoor adventure, they also have an indoor exhibit for people to learn some history of the area.

"We have in the memorial building, which is our race headquarters. We have an exhibit on the blizzard of 38, and that's open to the general public and will continue to be open after race weekend so that's anybody can come and check out,” said Powers.

Festivities will take place throughout the rest of this weekend. For more information on tomorrow’s events, visit their website.