Teenagers receive Distinguished Citizen Award

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - On Wednesday, two teenagers were recognized for their bravery after saving someone from a burning car.

Blake Mitchell and Aydin Frost both received the distinguished citizen award from the Michigan State Police.

Back on June 13, the two heard a car crash and rushed to the scene.

After recognizing the driver was trapped in the burning vehicle, together they used a tow strap on another vehicle to set the victim free.

MSP said if not for the quick actions of the two, it is likely that the driver would have not made it.

"This award means that the community cares that we helped out and now they are helping us," said Mitchell.

"When I was doing it, I wasn't even thinking of being recognized or anything, but it feels really good and I'm glad we were able to do what we did," added Frost.

The two will also be recognized by the first responders that were on the scene that day later this month.

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