Tahquamenon Falls is a picture perfect vacation spot

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TAHQUAMENON FALLS STATE PARK, Mich. (WLUC) - If you're looking a for a place to spend a weekend this summer that will afford some great photo opportunities then let me tell you about a place tucked into the northeastern U.P. that is tough to beat.

"Tahquamenon Falls State Park is a 48,000 acre property that was initially acquired by the state, or the first parts of it were, in 1947" says Park Manager Kevin Dennis.

The center piece of the park is the Upper Falls. They span 200 feet with a 50 foot drop.

Four miles down the Tahqaumenon River you will find the Lower Falls. They are a series of five smaller falls that cascade around an island as the river makes it's way towards Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior.

One of the parks most popular activities is renting a boat to paddle out to the island. Once there you can take a short hike around the island on loop that allows you to see the Lower Falls from several locations.

You can also hike the 4 mile trail connecting the two falls, but be warned, it is a strenuous trek.

For those wanting to take a more relaxed approach to their visit, there are more than 300 camping locations in the park that range from modern to rustic. But regardless of the type of site, all of those spots fill up quickly as many of the parks visitors, who number over half a million annually, want to enjoy a night at the park.

For more information on the park, please use the link provided on this page.

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