TacoMo Dog Training hosts virtual dog pack walk

Published: May. 3, 2020 at 10:31 PM EDT
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Rick Custard and Kim Benson-Custard, Co-Owners of TacoMo Dog Training say they occasionally host dog pack walks around the City of Marquette with their clients and friends.

However, they’ve had to hit pause on those actual pack walks for now. Instead, the couple held their first-ever virtual dog pack walk, Sunday.

The video was streamed


In the video, the couple are shown walking their two miniature shepherds Misu and Goji around the streets of Marquette.

During the walk, they demonstrate proper leash technique, positive reinforcement, answer training-related questions and chat about dogs.

TacoMo fans and clients are also encouraged to post photos of their own dog walks.

Kim Benson-Custard says despite our attempts to socially distance ourselves, dogs still need socialization.

"The hardest thing to do right now is socialize a puppy. But it's also super important to do. So if you can, don't shelter you puppies from everything. Get them out. Expose them to car sounds. You don't have to have people petting them or whatnot but at least get them out to see things at a distance. That's the least you ca do for your puppy,” Benson-Custard encouraged.

Benson-Custard says don’t worry if you missed Sunday’s action. There’ll be more.

"We're going to do this pack walk again next week. We might do it even more frequently on Sundays until we can all be together. We encourage anybody to come on and ask us questions, get some conversation going. We had one person today mention how their dog was barking at stuff. And we said, we've been going through the same thing. This is how we've been working on it,” Benson-Custard stated.

The virtual dog pack walks are free to the public.

TacoMo also offers virtual training sessions.

"I just actually finished a virtual trick class. We just started a virtual puppy class. We have a basic class that is going to be starting next week. We use Zoom and we have everyone sign in so we can see them and the dogs. We talk them through each thing that we teach and we use our dogs as examples," Rick Custard announced.

to visit the TacoMo website.