TV6 and FOX UP launch "Get Healthy" campaign

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NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - As 2017 begins, TV6 and FOX UP are excited to announce our new campaign for 2017. In an effort to provide valuable information to our viewers about living a healthy lifestyle, all this year we'll be focusing on the theme of "Get Healthy."

"People are always interested and excited about bettering themselves and their lives, and the lives of those around them, and if we can do anything to provide information that will help them do that, I think it will be a goal well accomplished," said Rob Jamros, the Vice President and General Manager of TV6 and FOX UP.

For the next year TV6 and FOX UP will feature news stories and tips about healthy living, and the TV6 Morning News will have in-studio guests whose expertise relate to the theme. The goal is to motivate and educate viewers about getting healthy.

"I appreciate you guys taking this campaign on and you know, putting some energy behind that message in the community because it's an important one," said Dr. Terry Frankovich, Medical Director for local public health across 10 UP counties at the Marquette County Health Department. "We know that about 70% of deaths are due to chronic disease in this country, and the primary culprits are heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes. It's really just some changes in health behaviors that can really, hugely impact people's risk for those chronic diseases."

The theme of "Get Healthy" is a broad one, and TV6 and FOX UP will be looking further than just diet and exercise. We hope to highlight a wide range of health related topics with anything from prenatal care, to mental health, and even things like selecting a nursing home.

"It's exciting to be an integral part of the community and to be able to provide information to our viewers and our communities that we serve that can help them and others around them," said Jamros.

A webpage on our website dedicated to the Get Healthy campaign will be available soon for viewers to visit.

If you have a health-related topic you'd like TV6 and FOX UP to cover this year, send us an email at with "Get Healthy" in the subject line.

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