TV6 and FOX UP Morning News Team serving up meals to Pine Ridge Apartment residents

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - TV6 and FOX UP are part of the community effort to support victims of the Pine Ridge apartment fire. Working with the Salvation Army in Marquette, giving continued support to Pine Ridge residents.

Monday night the TV6 Morning News Team was at the Salvation Army, serving meals donated for the displaced residents.
Fire forced the evacuation of the entire building back on July 30. Following that residents were set up inside the Superior Dome with help from the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. We spoke with the Salvation Army to see what donations they're looking for now.

"We're getting food to them, water is there, from the community the things we're looking for is donations of cookies, pop, things like that that we can just add in at the shelter and give them just a little bit extra that they would have at their house if they were at home," said Salvation Army Captain, Doug Winters.

We will continue to follow the situation with Pine Ridge, the residents and the Salvation Army and we'll have all the latest right here at TV6 and FOX UP.

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