TV6 Morning News Co-anchor Vicky Crystal looks to the future

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - TV6's Morning News Co-Anchor Vicky Crystal is looking ahead to the future.

Vicky will be leaving TV6 in the coming months. She came to TV6 in December of 2001 and started on the Morning News in January of 2002.

Originally from Wisconsin, Vicky started in radio in the 1980s and got into TV after working on a 'Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.'

She says she has loved her time on the Morning News but her one regret would be never having had a snow day and she has a simple philosophy for how she treats her viewers.

"Whether it's television or radio they invite you into their home, and what kind of person do I want invited into my home? I would like someone who treats me intelligently, like a friend, and that's the way I try to be on the air, I try to be myself, be genuine," said Vicky Crystal, TV6 Morning News Co-Anchor.

Vicky is pursuing becoming a Pastor in the United Methodist Church.

TV6 will certainly miss her.

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