TV6 & FOX UP Spotlight - Dogs in Cars

Published: Sep. 11, 2017 at 12:16 AM EDT
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Below are resources and information for you or someone you may know who is concerned about leaving dogs in cars.

You might be surprised to know that nearly half of all Americans own dogs. But even the most responsible dog owners can make mistakes when it comes to leaving their pet in a car. In fact, nationwide, hundreds, if not thousands of dogs die in cars

every year. That’s because in just 10 minutes the temperature in a car can go from 75 to 100 degrees. And rolling down your window a crack does not help.

So what can you do?

- Bring a friend who can play with your pet outside the car while you’re running your errand.

- Shop at pet friendly stores.

- Best of all…leave your animal home.

And if you see an animal left in a car and in distress, call 911