TV6 & FOX UP Spotlight - Littering

Published: Jul. 19, 2017 at 11:28 AM EDT
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Below are resources and information for you or someone you may know who is concerned about littering.

Do you see your friends or family littering? Say Something! Be an advocate for the environment!

What makes up Michigan’s Litter?
Michigan Littering Laws:
An interesting article on Mlive which talks about MDOT’s phased out trash reporting hotline. Apparently, they felt it “outlived its usefulness."


you can post your witness account, description, and evidence of littering and/or dumping. Neighbors, communities, and law enforcement can use data to help prevent and deter future littering and possibly catch perpetrators of illegal dumping activity.

For proper disposal trash, please refer to the municipality in which you live. For larger household waste, it is inexpensive to make a call and dispose of items properly in a landfill or dump. Some municipalities also have recycling options! Here are a few:

Marquette County Solid Waste Management Auth:
West End Transfer Station (City of Ishpeming):
Delta County Landfill:

Dickinson County Recycling:
Dickinson County Landfill:
Onota Township, Alger County:
Michigan DEQ, Solid Waste Facilities:
Disposal of cars, iron, copper, brass, appliances, etc.:
Recycling computers and related equipment:
To report littering or illegal dumping:

Or call your local law enforcement agency.

Want to get involved in cleanup? The Michigan Adopt-A-Highway Program is one great way!

Beware! Some trash may be dangerous! What to do if you suspect the litter you found is actually a meth dump site:

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