TV6 & FOX UP Spotlight- Elder Abuse

Published: Jun. 26, 2017 at 1:37 PM EDT
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Below are resources and information for you or someone you may know who is concerned about elder abuse.


911, UPCAP at 211, or Adult Protective Services at 855-444-3911

to report a case of elder abuse.

Michigan Adult Protective Services:


24-Hour Crisis Northpointe Behavioral Health System Hotline:


Kingsford, Mich. Northpointe:


What is elder abuse? What kinds of abuse are out there?

Elder abuse

includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, neglect, and abandonment. Perpetrators include children, other family members, and spouses—as well as staff at nursing homes, assisted living, and other facilities.

•Physical abuse means inflicting physical pain or injury upon an older adult.

•Sexual abuse means touching, fondling, intercourse, or any other sexual activity with an older adult, when the older adult is unable to understand, unwilling to consent, threatened, or physically forced.

•Emotional abuse means verbal assaults, threats of abuse, harassment, or intimidation.

•Confinement means restraining or isolating an older adult, other than for medical reasons.

•Passive neglect is a caregiver’s failure to provide an older adult with life’s necessities, including, but not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, or medical care.

•Willful deprivation means denying an older adult medication, medical care, shelter, food, a therapeutic device, or other physical assistance, and exposing that person to the risk of physical, mental, or emotional harm—except when the older, competent adult has expressed a desire to go without such care.

•Financial exploitation means the misuse or withholding of an older adult’s resources by another.

How can elder abuse be prevented?

Educating seniors, professionals, caregivers, and the public on abuse is critical to prevention. If you’re an older adult, you can stay safe by:

•Taking care of your health.

•Seeking professional help for drug, alcohol, and depression concerns and urging family members to get help for these problems.

•Attending support groups for spouses and learning about domestic violence services.

•Planning for your own future. With a power of attorney or a living will, you can address health care decisions now to avoid confusion and family problems later. Seek independent advice from someone you trust before signing any documents.

•Staying active in the community and connected with friends and family. This will decrease social isolation, which has been connected to elder abuse.

•Posting and opening your own mail.

•Not giving personal information over the phone.

•Using direct deposit for all checks.

•Having your own phone.

•Reviewing your will periodically.

•Knowing your rights. If you engage the services of a paid or family caregiver, you have the right to voice your preferences and concerns. If you live in a nursing home, call your Long Term Care Ombudsman. The ombudsman is your advocate and has the power to intervene.

Learn more at:

UPCAP Information:

UPCAP’s purpose and objectives shall be to promote the development of the human, social, and community resources of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through the following activities:

•Serving as the Upper Peninsula Area Agency on Aging, a regional coordinating body, advocate, and focal point for aging services and aging resources to senior citizens in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

•Providing technical assistance and services to public and non-profit bodies, business enterprises and individuals who wish to utilize assistance provided by federal and state programs for human and economic development and by providing assistance to other persons and bodies in activities which promote the development of the Upper Peninsula.

•Providing technical assistance and services to governmental bodies for the improvement and extension of their services to the public, or in the exercise of the functions they perform as a necessary adjunct to serving the public.

•Promoting the development of affordable housing opportunities to the citizens of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

UPCAP Resource Page:

UPCAP Program Page:

UPCAP Events Page:

Address, 1025 Commerce Dr. Ste. B, Marquette, Mich. 906-228-6169

NorthCare Network Drop-in Centers in the Upper Peninsula


Mission: NorthCare Network ensures that every eligible recipient receives quality, specialty mental health and substance use disorder services and supports through the responsible management of regional resources.

A Place to Go Director

:Pat Soule 906-635-8235 or 8238 204 E Spruce St, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 Liaison—Christina Korson

Brantley Center Director

:Evan Prout 906- 226-1077 401 W Baraga, Marquette, MI 49855 Liaison—Kirk Matthews

Directions Unlimited Director

:Angie Kilpela 906-482-4577 208 Quincy Street, Hancock, MI 49930 Liaison—Vicki Mikkola

Forever Friends Director

:Pat Flynn 906- 282-5599 1001 Cedar Ave, Iron Mtn, MI 49801 Liaison –Joetta Mosher

The Getaway Director

:Angela Davis 906-387-1757 226 W Superior, Munising, MI 49862 Liaison—Sandy Gribbell

Our Place Director

:Melissa Wartella 906-233-7117 918 Ludington, Escanaba, MI 49829 Liaison—Michael St. John

Rainbow's End Director

:Peggy Chambers 906-293-9451 302 Newberry Ave, Newberry, MI 49868 Staff Liaison—Sandy Gribbell

Serenity Center Director

:John Bartholomay 906 --932-0171 201 North Douglas Blvd. Suite 3, Ironwood, MI 49938 Liaison—Angie Pope

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