T-shirt fundraiser to honor L'Anse Area Schools students

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BARAGA, Mich. (WLUC) - Shirts are being made by Homestead Graphics & Design in Baraga to honor Hunter Pelon, Chris Turpeinen and Dylan Roberts.

Overwhelmed with how the Pelon family came to her rescue after undergoing recent medical issues, Jennifer Sauvola felt motivated to support them during this trying time.

"I had Homestead make shirts for me and my team. Amber [Pelon] was one of the biggest supporters along with Hunter [Pelon],” explained Sauvola. “I knew I had to do something for them."

Sauvola initially thought she could create shirts on her own to honor of Hunter Pelon.

But after receiving a large number of people interested in buying one, Homestead Graphics happily agreed to help.

"We're just trying to help out the community, make some T-shirts for all the families. It's our way of trying to help out everybody,” said Jackie and Joe Kayramo, the store’s owners.

"It's absolutely incredible. I wasn't even from this area, and they stepped up for me and I see it all around now with their efforts to step up for all the families involved,” said Sauvola.

Homestead Graphics designed three shirts, one each for Hunter Pelon, Christopher Turpeinen and Dylan Roberts.

"Then, we have one combined heart logo for all of them,” explained the Kayramos.

Originally, the company planned to design shirts for Hunter.

But the owners decided to include the other two boys who died Monday afternoon in their running vehicle.

"We figured we'd reach out to the other families affected by it, too, because we felt the unexpected expenditures of the tragedy. Anything that helps, helps,” said the Kayramos.

Baraga County Sheriff's Office found Hunter unconscious inside that same vehicle.

Doctors told her mother that she might not make it through, but she is now awake and recovering at a Green Bay hospital.

"She's very cognitive. She knows who everyone is, who she is, where she's from,” said Sauvola.

All proceeds for the shirts will go to their respective families.

T-shirts and sweatshirts will be available for all three teens involved.

Orders are due by February 28. Items will be available for pick up March 9.

To place your order visit Homestead Graphics and Design’s website.