Swedetown Trails groomed, ready for winter sports

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CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - Significant snow has come to much of the Upper Peninsula, and with it good news for winter sports.

"The sky is out, the trails are good and we invite everybody to come out and have a good time," said groomer Tom Wright.

Early snows have been good news for local skiers, and the Swedetown Trail system in Calumet is no exception.

"We've got about 30K of trails here. They've all been dragged. They are tracked. Conditions are pretty darn good for this early in the season," said Wright.

Swedetown Trails are happy to announce a new snow bike trail this year.

"This is the first season we are adding a snow bike trail. It is going to be 10K and it will be groomed with our older sled. Right now we've got tire drag and we have a drag plow being made because when we get so much snow you actually plow it off," said chief groomer Pat Szubielak.

Swedetown also extended Ed's Loop thanks to a Portage Health Foundation grant.

Helping groom all those extra trails are two, new Bearcat grooming snowmobiles. They are ready just in time for large groups of visitors to the trails.

"We're really excited. There is going to be a high school ski camp here starting next week as well as Michigan Tech will be up here with St. Scholastica and NMU as well visiting our trails," said Wright.

The Swedetown Trails Chalet is located on Osceola Road not far from US-41 in Calumet.

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