Suunta Integrative Health open and taking clients

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - After a year-long renovation process, Suunta Integrative Health is open on Marquette's N. Third Street.

It will serve people in Marquette County and surrounding areas who have experienced child abuse or sexual assault.

"We have a team of health professionals, social workers and nurses who provide trauma-informed therapy and also services that look at holistic health nursing, so auricular acupuncture and Myofascial release," says owner Melissa Copenhaver.

Inside the building is a collaboration with Trace Holistic and Superior Child Advocacy Center, in addition to services offered by Suunta.

"We offer this wide range of services to address trauma from being able to serve the children who have experienced child abuse, sexual abuse, to adults that may be survivors of sexual assaults," says Melissa Copenhaver.

But projects like this don't happen overnight - it was made possible thanks to a facade grant from the Marquette Downtown Development Authority, and a 'Heroes' grant from Lowes, supplying labor and materials.

Peter Copenhaver, the project manager of the renovation says it was a significant transformation process for the building.

"We want to create an environment that will allow collaboration with different organizations and provide different services to the community. so it's kind of diversified from what you would think as a traditional primary care practice to a mental health facility," says Peter Copenhaver.

"We want to project almost like this environment where people come and just feel safe and relax and tell their story," he continued.

The Copenhavers say they've received an excellent response from the community.

While some clients are from referrals, those interested in being seen should email Melissa Copenhaver at