Superior String Alliance hosts master class and concert in Escanaba

Published: Jul. 14, 2019 at 7:09 PM EDT
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Members of the Superior String Alliance (SSA), a nonprofit music education group, traveled to the Bonifas Fine Arts Center in Escanaba on Sunday to hold a master class for string musician students.

Ben Campbell, who has been playing the violin for six years, said he always looks forward to the class.

"The fact that they come here to just share their music with me, so I can learn, is really incredible,” Campbell said.

Kaitlyn Millin has been playing the violin for about seven years and she said she appreciates the class and that she always learns something new from it.

"One person is playing and you're listening to them play and you're listening to the feedback they're receiving and you might be thinking, 'hey, I've got a piece where I can take and use that too,'" Millin said.

SSA Executive Director, Danielle Simandl, said she looks forward to teaching the class every year and seeing the improvements made by each student.

"It's great. We have a great collaboration with all of the teachers in the U.P. and it's fun to come into the summertime and see how much improvement and growth has happened over the school year,” Simandl said.

Simandl added that the master class is part of the SSA’s Chamber Tour, which happens every summer before the alliance holds their summer camp for students.

"It's all a celebration to kick off camp, which starts next week,” said Simandl.

The day of music ended with a free concert by the SSA.

Simandl said the alliance enjoys these concerts because it gives them a chance to spread their love for string music.

"Really, it's just a way to foster more community amongst all, not just the musicians of the U.P., but really anyone because all of our events are open for anyone to come check out because you never know who might want to start a string instrument,” Simandl said.

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