Superior Arts Youth Theater holds acting camp for kids

Published: Aug. 24, 2016 at 4:12 PM EDT
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Kids in Marquette County had the chance to attend acting camp this summer thanks to the Superior Arts Youth Theater.

They started their day with warm-ups and quickly the preschoolers to 8-year-old actors and actresses were ready to go for a day of acting camp.

"We really enjoy doing these camps because it provides an opportunity for a lot of students to maybe they don't have the time to participate in one of our regular productions which consumes two to three months of their time, but they can come in and just have a little sampler and see if it's for them," said Dave Dagenais, artistic director.

Students are taught by high school and college counselors everything from dances, to singing and more. During the week long camp they get a peak at everything within the arts from acting to lighting and costuming.

"It's been super awesome getting to work with kids who are two and a half all the way up to 13," said Taylor Koski, counselor. "We've had preschool to middle school, so it's awesome to see all different ranges of kids working on theater together. They all come together to do shows, it's been super awesome."

While they didn't quite know what to expect the kids involved in the acting camp say it is very fun.

"I just thought that it would be really fun to be in the theater and I wanted to give it a try," said 8-year-old Marin Johnson.

"Everyone knows each other and it is fun and stuff," said Brook Chaput, 8.

Students perform a show on Friday afternoon showcasing all of their hard work. This week the Superior Arts Youth Theater will have their final camp performance at the Peter White Public Library. For more information about the Superior Arts Youth Theater,