Summers running for 110th district representative

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Ken Summers is currently running as the only Democratic candidate on the ticket for 110th District state representative.

Summers is a native of L’Anse and graduate of Northern Michigan University. He moved back to the U.P. from Chicago six years ago to raise his family. He has gone door to door in the past months talking to voters across the Upper Peninsula. He says the number one issue in most of those conversations is healthcare.

"It connects to everything. Our rural hospitals are one of our number one employers here in the Western U.P. So, if we cut Medicaid, we cut Medicare, those hospitals go out of business. We consolidate schools. Small businesses close and it ripples through our community," said Summers.

In the past year, Summers has also shadowed current 38th State District Representative Scott Dianda (D), so that he will be ready for the job on day one if he is elected in November.

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