Successful 16th Annual Blueberry Festival in Marquette

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - According to Spiessl’s of Ishpeming, they came prepared with more than 150,000 pounds of blueberries from the Lower Peninsula to this year’s blueberry festival in Marquette.

"I mean maybe a bit more than that since we’ve had a few surprises," said Max Spiessl, an employee at Spiessl's Produce.

Max is talking about the surprise 125 pounds of wild blueberries from local Lake Lindin farmer, Bob Brady, who picked them specifically for the event.

"He went on his field with a couple of his workers and they just started picking them and they are like, we know the blueberry festival is coming up and we want to make sure we have good wild," said Spiessl.

With the option of selling wild berries from local farms in the UP, Max said they are the more popular berry.

"So far they have been selling really good," said Spiessl. "Wild was around first and a lot of the people up here are more used to it and they prefer those before the cultivated."

The blueberry festival also included close to 100 vendors, adding more restaurants this year with blue specials like blueberry pizza, beer, brats, salsa and desserts.

The Marquette Downtown Development Authority said they are excited with the turn out.

"Streets are packed, we couldn’t be happier with the weather today and just the way things have turned out," said Tara Lasse-McKinney, the events coordinator for the DDA.

The family fun event also included music, art vendors, and children’s activities. As this successful day ends, the DDA said it’s just the beginning for next year.

"I’m already taking notes seeing how we can improve for each year," said Lasse-McKinney. "That’s always our goal, to make everything bigger and better each year."

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